Featured Areas at MagicCon: Amsterdam

Featured Exhibitors & Pin Trading at
MagicCon: Amsterdam!

Alongside our special guests and your fellow fans, MagicCon: Amsterdam will be loaded with exhibitors bringing you cards, accessories, and swag. On the hunt for that special single? Need to replace that ratty old playmat? Our exhibitors have got you covered with some of the best products available, right here on the show floor at MagicCon: Amsterdam!

Featured Exhibitors

Our featured exhibitors bring with them years of experience and expertise, ready to help Magic fans both new and old find what they’re looking for. Stop by any one of their booths scattered across the floor to see what’s on offer!

Check out the full list of exhibitors here so you can plan your trip through the Magic Marketplace! 

MagicCon: Pin trading comes to Amsterdam

Collect all the exclusive MagicCon: Amsterdam event pins by purchasing pins at the Official Show Store, visiting our official pin trading exhibitors, and by trading with participating staff members and other MagicCon attendees! Can you collect them all?  

Pins available at the Official Show Store

Pins available at sponsored booths  

Very limited staff trader   

Where to start:  

Get a MagicCon: Amsterdam event pin purchase from the Official Show Store, or by visiting one of the official pin sponsors. Trade with other participating staff and other MagicCon attendees by showcasing the pins you want to trade for one of their MagicCon event pins. Trade a pin, have fun, and collect the full pin set from MagicCon: Amsterdam!   

Late Night Shopping

Just because the day is dying down doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping! Select exhibitors will be available from 7 PM to 11:59 PM once the main floor has closed. Check out the list below to know who’s open!

Show Specials

Some of our exhibitors are coming prepared with special items and deals you’ll only find at MagicCon: Amsterdam! Unique pins, stellar playmats, bonus deals on trade-ins, and more will be available from select exhibitors throughout the show floor.

Here are just a few of the fantastic items you can expect to find scattered throughout MagicCon: Amsterdam. 

Booth: 1B54, 1C54

Booth: 1D80

Booth: 1A50

Booth: 1A80

Show Merch

It won’t just be our exhibitors with great new products to share with you on the floor. Stop by the Official MagicCon: Amsterdam Show Store to grab all sorts of apparel, accessories, and more!