MagicCon is back for 2024!

Gather around, for MagicCon has unveiled the full 2024 schedule of events! From fierce tournaments, exclusive announcements, special guests, amazing artists, and immersive experiences, MagicCon is a celebration of the Magic community that binds us all. So, ready your decks, ignite your spark, and prepare to be part of a year that will go down in MagicCon history!


October 25-27, 2024 | Las Vegas

Join us for MagicCon: Las Vegas from October 25-27 for the final MagicCon event of 2024. We will be ending the year on a high note, with Magic World Championship 30, incredible play offerings, merch, immersive experiences, special guests and more! Stay tuned for news and updates on #MCVegas coming in 2024.