Magic Play, Artist Portfolios and Special Guests at MagicCon: Amsterdam!

Ticketed Play Update, Artist Portfolio Reviews and Special Guests at Magiccon: Amsterdam! 

We are getting closer to our epic adventure in Amsterdam this summer and are ready to announce some new Special Guests and share some exciting news about Art Portfolio Reviews!


The platform we use for Ticketed Play Registration is undergoing some important updates to improve the user experience. We are hard at work getting this ready for launch, and due to some last-minute bug fixing we have to postpone our ticketed play launch until April. Follow us on our Instagram or Twitter accounts for updates about play coming soon!


Joining us as featured Cosplayers at MagicCon: Amsterdam are Magic Mishamigo, Moyashi Mei, Mark Lykos and Soryu Geggy! They will be on site all weekend bringing four Magic characters to life! Can you guess who they will be? 

Members of the Commander Advisory Group Tim Willoughby, Kristen Gregory and Charlotte Sable are joining us as Special Guests and will be found doing meet and greets and playing Commander throughout the show. 

Brian David-Marshall is once again joining us to host some incredible Commander events, and PleasantKenobi is joining us to host a Secret Lair Chaos event which will open for registration in April! 

There are even more names to be announced in the run up to the show, keep an eye on our Guest page for more information and stay tuned for an Art of Magic update coming soon!


Inspired by the art in Magic: The Gathering? Interested in receiving professional feedback on your portfolio? We are excited to share that Art Portfolio Reviews will take place at MagicCon: Amsterdam! 

Don’t have a badge for MagicCon: Amsterdam yet? It’s not too late to join the fun! There are Friday and Sunday badges still available. Buy your badge today and get ready to register for your Ticketed Play Events in April! We cannot wait to see you this summer for our epic Gathering