Magic on the Mana Stage!

MagicCon: Las Vegas
A Weekend Full of Play

Play details for MagicCon: Las Vegas have been revealed! The full Ticketed Play Schedule is now available to review ahead of registration opening alongside our Early Bird badge sale on May 16 at 10 AM. 

The Magic Play section of the site is our hub for all Play details for MagicCon: Las Vegas. Head there to learn more about specific events, Play Style Event Tags, the Prize Wall, On Demand Events, the Command Zone, view the Ticketed Play Schedule and more! Below you’ll find some more information about 

All Ticketed Play Events at MagicCon: Las Vegas have a capacity limit, so we strongly encourage you to register in advance to secure your spot! Want a preview of what play events you can register to participate in? We’ve got you covered: 


The MagicCon: Las Vegas 100K Limited Open

This event is the massive competitive event at MagicCon: Las Vegas with a prize pool of, yes, $100,000, as well as (at least) eight invites to the first Pro Tour of 2025. Unlike MagicCon: Las Vegas in 2023, there is no Limited Open Event badge package. All participants must have badges that grant them access to the show on Friday and Saturday to participate. Learn more

ReRelease Chaos hosted by The Professor

Class is back in session, get ready to join The Professor for this ReRelease Chaos Event at MagicCon: Las Vegas! Learn more.

Limited and Legacy Original Artwork Events

Fans of original Magic: The Gathering artwork, these events are for you! There are two pieces of Original Magic Artwork to be won at MagicCon: Las Vegas. Decadent Dragon artwork from Wilds of Eldraine illustrated by Wylie Beckert and Will, Scion of Peace artwork from Wilds of Eldraine illustrated by Ryan Pancoast! Learn More.

Pro Tour Qualifier 

The MagicCon: Las Vegas Pro Tour Qualifier event could be your way to secure a spot in the first Pro Tour of 2025! If you’re looking to enter the world of competitive Magic, this event is for you! Learn more

Secret Lair Showdown

Join us for the final Secret Lair Showdown event of 2024! There are 4 qualifier events running during the MagicCon: Las Vegas weekend, and the Secret Lair Showdown Championship will be held on Sunday. Learn more.

A Spooky Sealed Event brought to you by Ladee Danger

It’s Halloween Weekend – of course we have a SPOOOooOOky Sealed Event on the schedule! Join Ladee Danger for this fun team event! Learn more. 

CHAOS presented by LoadingReadyRun

Boosters? Yes! Mystery? Yes! Chaos? Yes! LoadingReadyRun? YES! Learn more about this exciting event here. Stay tuned for more information on who from LoadingReadyRun will participate in this CHAOS event! 

Commander events brought to you by Brian David-Marshall

If Commander is your jam (or… your cocktail), Brian has got you covered with three different events! Join BDM for Commander and Cocktails (featuring a collectable FBLTHP Tiki Mug*), a Commander Boxing League AND a Grand Melee Full Box Commander Sealed Event. Learn more about our BDM Commander event offerings here

*FBLTHP Tiki Mug product depicted is a work in progress and may differ slightly from entry prize. The mug will also be available for purchase on-site at the MagicCon: Las Vegas Official Show Store.  

MagicCon Cup events

MagicCon Cup Events are challenging events that bring format fans together for fun, prizes, bragging rights, exclusive playmats and a trophy! MagicCon Cup Tournaments are great for experienced players looking to try out competitive Magic play and show they are one of the best in their chosen format. Learn more.

Unknown events brought to you by Gavin Verhey

Join Gavin Verhey and friends as they take you on a journey through Unknown Magic! This event and the fun within will never be the same twice as the products (which are Unknown), the formats (also Unknown), and the twists and turns (uh, obviously - Unknown) will be at the whim of your host(s)! Learn more.

Sunday Sealed and Stacked!

Sunday Sealed and Stacked is THE don’t miss Sealed event of MagicCon: Las Vegas. Use 14 packs to strategize a win, in a highly competitive single elimination battle and win large prizes to take home if you can see it to the finish line. Win 5 matches and take home three Duskmourn: House of Horror Play Booster Boxes! Learn More.

Check out the full Ticketed Play Schedule today to learn more about the available events in Las Vegas, and get ready to get your badge and register to play in your events on Thursday, May 16 at 10 AM PT. 

An update to ticketed play registration: There were several changes implemented to the LEAP (formerly GrowTix) dashboard to streamline ticketed play registration, and these changes are currently in effect! We strongly encourage all attendees to check out our step-by-step guide to learn more about the changes and how to register for ticketed play events prior to on-sale. Learn more about these changes here.

We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas – the countdown to our final 2024 gathering is on!