Feb 09, 2024

As we get closer and closer to our upcoming event in the Windy City, it’s time to dive into the ticketed play schedule and create your custom MagicCon: Chicago schedule! Check out the Magic Play section of the Chicago website for a full overview of everything you need to know about playing Magic on-site during the weekend, from the On Demand Event offerings, Prize Wall details the full Ticketed Play Schedule and more! 


  • Check your schedules! If you’ve added a ticketed play event to your schedule on Leap (formerly GrowTix) but haven’t completed the registration/checkout process, you are not currently registered to take part in the event. Please make sure you have completed your ticketed play purchase as soon as possible.
  • For a step-by-step guide on how to register for ticketed play events, please click here.
  • Registration for all ticketed play events will close one hour prior to the event start time.
  • Ticketed play events are starting to sell out! This is going to be our biggest MagicCon event to-date and we strongly encourage all attendees to register for the ticketed play events they wish to participate in now to avoid disappointment.
  • A reminder you cannot pay for ticketed play events on-site in cash.
  • On-Demand Events and League Play events have no online pre-registration. To participate in these events, please head to the Ticketed Play Headquarters to purchase vouchers on site. 


MagicCon Cup Tournaments

Legacy, Modern, Standard, Pauper, Pioneer AND Duel Commander tournaments are available at MagicCon: Chicago! The winner of each format will walk away with a trophy, playmat and bragging rights! Cup tournaments are $40 to enter. Learn more about these events here

Additionally, there will be dedicated Command Zone and Free-Play Areas at MagicCon: Amsterdam for those looking for a place to play casually or those seeking to play a Commander game with fellow attendees! 

Legacy for Original Magic Artwork – The Art Reveal

We are thrilled to reveal that the winner of the Legacy for Original Magic Artwork tournament will take home Rhystic Study by Serena Malyon! The Legacy for Original Magic Artwork tournament is $100 to enter and over 50% sold out! A MagicCon: Chicago badge is also required to register. Learn more about this event here and register to play today!

The 75k Open Event

Play the 75K Standard Open with the newest Magic set; Murders at Karlov Manor.  You might just find yourself in the top 8, competing for your share of the $75,000 prize pool and punching your ticket to the next Pro Tour! Learn more about the 75k Open here and register to participate today!

MagicCon: Chicago – The Cube

A cube themed to Chicago? We are intrigued, and you should be to! Pastimes put together a guide about this Windy City themed Magic experience, learn more about it here

Qualify For The Next Pro Tour

Fast-track your way to the Pro Tour! Play your way to the top to qualify for the second Pro Tour of 2024, Pro Tour Thunder Junction, taking place April 26-28, 2024 in Seattle, Washington! Learn more and register today.

Secret Lair Showdown

It’s all about Modern in Chicago’s Secret Lair Showdown! Each player who participates in a Secret Lair Showdown Qualifier will earn a Spell Pierce. Players who qualify for the Secret Lair Showdown Championship on Sunday will get a special prize card version of Murktide Regent when they compete in the big event. The winner of each Secret Lair Showdown Championship will win Dark Ritual. The Secret Lair Showdown costs $125 to enter. Learn more about the Secret Lair Showdown events here.

So, what are you waiting for? Build your schedule and get ready to play some Magic – we'll see you in two weeks!