MagicCon: Amsterdam Play Information

MagicCon: Amsterdam Play Information

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the Ticketed Play Schedule is now live! Check it out for a full overview of the exciting play opportunities available at MagicCon: Amsterdam. Ticketed Play registration for MagicCon: Amsterdam will open on Tuesday April 9 at 7 AM PST. 


There have been major updates to the Leap (formerly GrowTix) dashboard where you register for Ticketed Play events. Before registration opens on Friday, we strongly recommend you check out our step-by-step guide to learn more about these changes and how to register for your ticketed play events!

Please note that a valid MagicCon: Amsterdam badge is required to purchase any Ticketed Play Events. If you still need to purchase a badge, click here.  


Brought to you by our partners at Pastimes Events, the full Ticketed Play schedule for MagicCon: Amsterdam can be found here and contains an event for every play type and skill level! From the MagicCon Cube, throwback sealed events, Commander, 2HG and more, there is something for everyone to participate in this June! Check out the Magic Play section of our website for more information about the Prize Wall, CommandZone, Play Style Event Tags and more, or check out our play highlights below for more details:

  • MagicCon: Amsterdam 75k Modern Open
    • Fans of large, open-field Modern tournaments start prepping today for the MagicCon: Amsterdam 75k Open. With a prize pool of $75,000 and (at least) eight invites to the first Pro Tour of 2025, competitive Magic fans should not miss this event! Learn more.
  • The Secret Lair Showdown
    • Go head-to-head with other players to win one of the limited Dark Ritual Secret Lair cards! With four Modern qualifiers, one on Friday and three on Saturday, players will vie for one of the 32 seats in the Secret Lair Showdown Championship. Players will all receive a Spell Pierce Secret Lair card for participating in a qualifier. Those with enough skill to make it to the championship will all receive a Murktide Regent Secret Lair card! Learn more.
  • Pro Tour Qualifier
    • Flex your competitive skills in a Modern Horizons 3 Sealed tournament and earn an invite directly to the first Pro Tour of 2025. There are tons of prizes on the line and four (4) invites to the first Pro Tour of 2025. Learn more.
  • Unknown with Gavin Verhey
    • Boosters, fun, chaos, and unique gameplay are at the heart of the Unknown experience! Enjoy the tournament that is never the same twice as Gavin Verhey leads everyone down a Magic-al path of extraordinary gameplay mixed with a variety of Magic goodness. All proceeds from the Saturday night Unknown tournament will go to our Charity Partner for MagicCon: Amsterdam— SeriousFun Children’s Network!
  • Legacy for Original Artwork
    • Fans of Legacy events will have two opportunities to win a piece of Original Magic Artwork at MagicCon: Amsterdam: Extraordinary Journey by Volkan Baga and Restless Cottage by Jesper Ejsing. A MagicCon: Amsterdam badge is required to register. Learn more about this event here and register to play on April 9 at 7 AM PST!
  • Cup Tournaments
    • Join these events to challenge your Constructed skills in one of our Cup Tournaments. These feature Duel Commander, Pauper, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, and Standard formats. Winners of each Cup Tournament will receive a MagicCon: Amsterdam trophy for that format, a winner playmat, and a professional photo! Learn more
  • PleasantKenobi Presents Secret Lair Chaos  
    • PleasantKenobi is excited to present this Secret Lair and Chaos Sealed Draft mashup! Open your Sealed portion boosters then draft your Draft portion boosters to build your best chaotic deck with a unique addition of a random Secret Lair for deck construction. Enjoy chatting with Pleasant Kenobi about all things Magic: The Gathering while you experience this unique event!      
  • On-Demand Events
    • MagicCon: Amsterdam features tons of On-Demand Events to play at your convenience! From 4-player Commander pods, 8 player drafts, League Play and more, there is something for everyone to participate in! Learn more about our On-Demand Events here.

Ready your best Commander deck, pack your favorite sleeves and get ready for a weekend full of Magic: The Gathering play! Don’t have a badge yet? There are limited quantities remaining – get yours today!