The Mana Stage and Special Guests at MagicCon: Chicago!

The Mana Stage and Special Guests at MagicCon: Chicago!

Dec 14, 2023

Get ready to gather one and all, MagicCon: Chicago is just around the corner! We have great content planned throughout the weekend both on our Mana Stage, and in our Community Pannel Room. You can head to the mana stage for the big spectacle moments and exclusive insights and previews from Wizards of the Coast or come to the panel room to enjoy a more intimate (and sometimes interactive!) experience throughout the event weekend. 

Below you’ll find our mana stage schedule. Stay tuned for more information coming in January, including additional panelists AND the community panel schedule!

12:00 PM - The MagicCon Fashion Show

Head to the mana stage to see the coolest merch available from the official show store!

1:00 PM - The Preview Panel 

Join us for the Preview Panel at MagicCon: Chicago and see what Magic has in store for you in the first half of 2024. It's time for exclusive reveals on upcoming sets, featuring Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Modern Horizons 3, and maybe more! Hosted by Blake Rasmussen who will be joined by fellow Wizards of the Coast Mark Rosewater, Aaron Forsythe and Roy Graham.  

2:30 PM - The Fallout Preview Panel 

Please Stand By for further information.

4:00 PM - Game Knights Live 

Game Knights Live is back for MagicCon: Chicago! Jimmy and Josh will once again take to the mana stage with special guests in one of the biggest Commander games of the year. 

11:00 AM - WANTED: Scoundrels of the Multiverse

Magic's longest running story podcast "The Vorthos Cast" returns to MagicCon with a dive into the ne'er-do-wells of the multiverse -- the villains, rogues, and otherwise disreputable characters from the perspective of their rap sheets, wanted posters, and Azorius BOLOs in the post-Omenpath world of Magic: The Gathering.

12:30 PM - The Ravnica Influence

Roughly 20 years ago, the idea of Ravnica – a city the size of a plane, represented by 10 guilds -- began to manifest inside the halls of Wizards of the Coast. In early 2024 we’ll enjoy the nostalgia of Ravnica Remastered and venture back to Ravnica as a setting for a major card set with Murders at Karlov Manor. Let’s dive into why this plane has been so impactful and special to the game, creating a foundation for the Magic of today. Hosted by Joe Johnson, who will be joined by Mark Rosewater, Aaron Forsythe, Roy Graham, and more to be announced.  

2:00 PM - Art and Artistry: Murders at Karlov Manor

Continuing our series of art and world-building panels about the most recent releases, we dive into the intrigue-filled world of Murders at Karlov Manor. Set on Ravnica but not a "gold" set, how did the art directors go about capturing the noir/murder-mystery atmosphere in the city of guilds?

3:30 PM - The 20 Best Mechanics of All Time

Join Mark Rosewater as he reveals his list of the greatest mechanics ever to grace a Magic card.

5:00 PM - The Cosplay Contest

We put the creative spotlight on the fans as they show off their amazing creations! Hosted by Joseph H. Johnson, Jr with to be announced!

11:00 AM - Clash of the Creators

It's equal doses Magic trivia and friendly creator rivalries on display as two teams of Magic creators face off in a showdown for the ages. Teams of 5 creators battle first, with the winner moving on to play against a team of Wizards all-stars in the finals. Immense pride and bragging rights (and maybe a little swag) are on the line! Host and participants to be announced!  

12:30 PM - Lords of Limited Podcast LIVE

The Lords of Limited podcast began over six years ago with the goal of bringing the most up-to-date information on the current Limited format. Join them for a live podcast recording at the MagicCon: Chicago mana stage!

2:00 PM - Pro Tour Sunday Watch Party

Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall is joined by two Pro Tour competitors to bring their insights and experiences of Pro Tour play to the mana stage as we all watch the conclusion of Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor together!


The Clue is in the title, there are a tonne of special guests joining us this February for MagicCon: Chicago! You’ll find featured artists Serena Malyon, Kai Carpenter, Julian Kok, Victor Adame and Steven Belledin in the Art of Magic throughout the weekend – with even more artists to be announced!

LoadingReadyRun’s  James Turner, Graham Stark, Benjamin Wheeler, Kathleen De Vere, Ben Ulmer, Serge Yager and Nelson Salahub will be onsite all weekend – check out their Chaos event if you’re looking for boosters, mystery and more!  

There are a number of Wizards of the Coast employees travelling to the show to take part in panels, play events and more, such as Mark Rosewater, Gavin Verhey, Aaron Forsythe, Sara Mox, Elizabeth Rice, Melissa DeTora, Megan Smith, Victoria Spurling, Blake Rasmussen, Roy Graham, Harless Snyder, Chris Mooney, Annie Sardelis and Forrest Schehl!

You may also run into Jim LaPage, Toby Elliott, Rebell, Gavin Duggan, Shivam Bhatt, PowrDragn, Olivia Gobert-Hicks, Rhystic Studies, Joseph H. Johnson, Jr. and Mental Misplay who are joining us as special guests and panelists – keep an eye out for them on site!  

Check out our Guests page for a full rundown of those who are confirmed for the show so far. Want to join us in Chicago? Buy your badge today!  


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