The MagicCon 2023 Cosplay Grand Championship

The MagicCon 2023 Cosplay Grand Championship

Sep 07, 2023

We’ve invited our four Best in Show winners from Magic 30, MagicCon: Philadelphia, MagicCon: Minneapolis and MagicCon: Barcelona to come back and take to the Main Stage once again and go head-to-head to be crowned the MagicCon 2023 Cosplay Grand Champion! 

The twist? They’ve each been tasked with creating a brand-new Cosplay based on artwork from an upcoming Magic set that hasn’t been seen before! This exciting battle of the best will take place on the main stage during the Cosplay Contest. 

Make sure you’re there to watch @DarkPactCosplay, @blarney_armory, @Magic_Mishamigo and @fenrisianwarrior on Saturday, September 23rd during the grand championship and see who will leave with a custom-made, Sword of Fire & Ice trophy!  

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