MagicCon: The Party!

MagicCon: Minneapolis Official Show Store Preview! 

Apr 28, 2023

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Official Show Store for MagicCon: Minneapolis, where we have some incredible merch that we cannot wait for you to get your hands on.

With exclusive MagicCon: Minneapolis branded merch celebrating the biggest Magic: The Gathering event in town, retro Magic: The Gathering merch focussing on the game's history and biggest cards as well as the return of the Pin Trading Programme from Magic 30, we have something for all players and collectors.

All the merchandise on sale will be exclusive to MagicCon: Minneapolis and you will only be able to get the full range at the Official Shoe Store whilst stocks last, so come by early to avoid disappointment. A limited selection of the range will be made available to those Magic fans who cannot attend via with public access launching Friday 5th May 10.30 EST.

You will be able to see the full range of merch available on the official MagicCon app, which you will need to navigate all the goings on throughout the weekend, so be sure to download that and plan what you want to pick.

As well as all the incredible MagicCon: Minneapolis merchandise, we will also have on sale all the latest Magic: The Gathering sealed product, with draft, set and collector boosters from March of the Machine, All Will Be One and Dominaria Remastered as well as commander and jumpstart products from those sets and more.

The MagicCon: Minneapolis Show Store is also the only place you can pick up the new ‘Legendary Flyers (Not that Kind)’ Secret Lair, as well as two exclusive Ultra Pro playmats with ‘Jace the Mindsculptor’ illustrated by Wizard of Barge and ‘Fatal Push’ illustrated by Ryan Quickfall.