MagicCon: Las Vegas - The Ever-Growing Gathering!

MagicCon: Las Vegas - The Ever-Growing Gathering! 

Aug 31, 2023

It’s the show that keeps getting bigger, and we’re not mad at it! It’s just over three weeks until the doors open at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and we have some great updates and some sneak peaks to share with you today! 


Head to the Guests page to see all the new additions to the ever-growing list of talented individuals joining us at MagicCon: Las Vegas. We’ve added some new names to the Art of Magic including Lars Grant-West, Brigitte Roka, Eelis Kyttanen, Jeff Miracola, Joseph Meehan, Marko Manev and Zara Alfonso.

There are even more Special Guests attending MagicCon: Las Vegas, including prolific community members Brian David-Marshall, James LaPage, Mental Misplay, Rebell Son, Riley Knight, Sheldon Menery, Gavin Duggan, Luis Scott-Vargas, Toby Elliott, Sam Gaglio, K Arsenault Rivera, Rachel Weeks, Andrea Mengucci, Meghan Wolff and members from LoadingReadyRun: James Turner, Nelson Salahub, Graham Stark, Kathleen DeVere, Ben Wheeler and Ben Ulmer.

Joining us from Wizards of the Coast are Ovidio Cartagena, Mike Turian, Monica McCurry, Harless Snyder, Natalie Kreider, Deborah Garcia, Jelisa Varnado, Nyssa Achtyes-Hopper, Chris Mooney, Annie Sardelis, Neale LaPlante Johnson Roy Graham, Nate Price and Vic Ochoa.

Joining us for the first time as Magic Brand Ambassadors are Anzid MTG, Ben Bateman, Bobbie-Christine Brewer, Defiant Cathar, Giraffanat, Kess Wylie, ManaCurves, Misty Step, MTG Nerd Girl, MTGBaron, Nessa Meow Meow, PowrDragn, Queen of Cardboard, StalwartUrsa and Veggie Wagon who can be found at the Creator Arena Presented by IHOP.

You’ll find these guests taking part in Panels and Events on the Main Stage (check out the updated panels and events schedule to learn more!), in special Ticketed Play Events, hosting Meet and Greets at the Creator Arena Presented by IHOP and more throughout the MagicCon weekend.

The Creator Arena Presented by IHOP page now has a full rundown of which Content Creators you can expect to see throughout the weekend playing featured MTG Arena matches, hosting meet and greets, playing Magic at Creator game tables and signing/stamping the brand new MagicCon Passports!

So what are you waiting for? Get your badge today and join the party! We can’t wait to see you in Vegas.